Member benefits

What the NC Providers Council does for our members:

  • Educates and informs members of changes and emerging trends that directly affect providers;
  • Coordinates efforts to determine the impact of system changes, and share information with our state legislators, DHHS leadership, and MCOs/LMEs, to help them understand how to help us better serve people;
  • Promotes member participation in our Regulatory/Business Practices Committee, I/DD Committee and MH/SUD Committee in analyzing and developing policy positions to help shape and influence laws, rules, policies, procedures, service cost analysis, etc. at the NC General Assembly, NC DHHS, and/or LMEs/MCOs
  • Promotes accountability and oversight of all DHHS system components – DHHS and Divisions, MCOs/LMEs, Providers;
  • Promotes fair and efficient business practices through standardized processes for enrollment/contracts, authorizations, claims adjudication and payment processes, credentialing,  and outcome/quality improvement/assurance standards, provider monitoring, etc.;
  • Strengthens our voice to help assure good federal and state legislation; effective and efficient rules, regulations, policies; fair and reasonable service rates; sustainable funding adequate to provide stable, statewide access to quality services;
  • Helps members save money by implementing cost containment strategies on operational expenses.

NC Providers Council Members have exclusive access to frequent email communications that highlight critical issues affecting providers of services to people with IDD/MH/SUD and other DHHS funded services. In addition our members have exclusive access to:

  • NC Providers Council Legislative Update – the latest happenings from the NC General Assembly including key bills and reports on legislative committees.
  • NC Providers Council Update In the Department, In the LMEs/MCOs and In the News – the latest communications from DHHS and its divisions, LMEs/MCOs and news from around the state concerning key regulatory, policy, rule changes and business concerns that impact providers.
  • Email us to request a sample of a past issue of any one of these publications.

If you’re a provider and not a member, please make your agency and the association that stands for providers, stronger – become a member of the NC Providers Council.


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