Member benefits

What the NC Providers Council does for our members:

  • Educates and informs members of changes and emerging trends that directly affect providers
  • Coordinates efforts to determine the impact of system changes, and share information with our state legislators, DHHS leadership, and MCOs/LMEs, to help them understand how to help us better serve people;
  • Promotes accountability and oversight of all DHHS system components – DHHS and Divisions, MCOs/LMEs, Providers;
  • Promotes fair and efficient business practices through standardized processes for enrollment/contracts, authorizations, claims adjudication and payment processes, credentialing, and outcome/quality improvement/assurance standards;
  • Strengthens our voice to help assure good federal and state legislation; effective and efficient rules, regulations, policies; fair and reasonable service rates; sustainable funding adequate to provide stable, statewide access to quality services;
  • Supports strong, collaborative provider networks that increase our members’ capability to deliver cost effective, quality service options that benefit the people receiving services;
  • Helps members save money by implementing cost containment strategies on operational expenses.

If you’re a provider and not a member, please make your agency and the association that stands for providers, stronger – become a member of the NC Providers Council.